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The Skin Clinique for serious corrective skin care and treatment

 Q:   Do I have to be a member to have services at your spa?

 A:   Anyone is welcome to enjoy services and purchase products with us without having to be a member. Many of our clients are members however, because of the multitude of exclusive benefits that they receive.

 Q:   A friend of mine recommended your spa and it's my first time with you. What facial should I have?

 A:   We suggest the First Time Facial. If it's your first facial with us OR the first facial you have ever had, this will be your best choice.

 Q:   What products are used in the treatment room?

 A:   Cosmedix & Visual Changes for the Facial and Peel treatments. FarmHouse Fresh for the Body Treatments.

 Q:   How do I know if I need a Peel?

 A:   Most people are candidates for peels these days. If you have a lackluster appearance, discoloration, acne, uneven skin texture or want to rejuvenate your complexion, there is a Correct Peel for you! If it's your first time receiving a Peel or are unsure which type to have, click here to visit our Corrective Peels page and learn more!

 Q:   I want to come in for a Body Treatment but I feel a little self conscious about my body. How can I get around this?

 A:   Women of all shapes and sizes come in for Body Treatments and all are considered unique and beautiful. Very often the skin is neglected even more when we have body image issues and that is why you would benefit the most from having a Rejuvenating Scrub or Seaweed Wrap. The lights are dim and courtesy draping is used so that you feel less exposed.

 Q:   Do men really come in for facials?

 A:   More than you may realize. Men just don't share those experiences within their social circles like women do. In fact, Roman men were some of the first in history to indulge in "Spa Rituals" in the Roman Baths! Skin is skin to us, and everyone needs to take care of it, the Men's Tune-up is your best bet!

 Q:   How often should I get a facial?

 A:   It depends on your skin type, age and condition. Ask our professional about what she recommends for you!

 Q:   Why and how should I prep my skin for Cosmetic Surgical Procedures? What is recommended for Post Surgical Treatment?

 A:   Your age, heredity, and general health and lifestyle are big contributing factors to predicting your healing time after surgery of any kind. Those factors are used to create a home care plan and professional treatment plan to help you attain the healthiest skin condition for your Physician to work with. Increasing the fibroblast cells (collagen producing cells), pre surgically, will increase the health, vascularity and overall integrity of your skin. This will expedite the healing process for you. Additionally, if you have darker skin, or skin that tans easily, you may want to start on a toxic free lighting agent to suppress the Melanin (tanning producing cells), to prevent Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation. PIH can be a side affect post surgically, especially with laser. Only your Physician or a Skin Care Expert can help you determine if a lightening agent is right for you. Post Surgical Lymphatic Drainage is very helpful in hastening your healing time, as well as helping you to adjust to some of the changes and feelings you may encounter through Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery.

The Skin Cllinique recommends scheduling a consultation with us, 6 weeks prior to the date of your surgery. I will create a comprehensive treatment plan for your unique skin care needs which will ultimately protect your Cosmetic Surgery investment!

 Q:   I would like to purchase a Gift Certificate for a friend or family member. How do I know what to get?

 A:   If you have a budget in mind, start with that. You can choose a dollar amount which allows the gift recipient to choose their own treatment or retail products to use towards or a specific treatment like a First Time Facial, Express Mini Facial, Body Treatment or one of our relaxing Spa Packages! Either way you choose, your gift certificate will surely be appreciated!
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