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The Skin Clinique for serious corrective skin care and treatment

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The primary function of lymphatic circulation is body cleansing. Lymph is the fluid that surrounds and bathes all the cells of the body and constitutes the internal environment of our cells. You could not survive with a polluted kidney; it is the same with the lymph system. Our cells require a healthy environment to function optimally.

The lymph operates by drawing excess fluids, cellular wastes, and other substances from the spaces between cells, then carries them away to filtering stations called lymph nodes. Ultimately, the lymph is processed and then carried toward the eliminative organs. The lymphatic system has been called the body’s metabolic waste disposal, but has many other functions, such as guarding against infections and disease.

The lymph has no central pump or prime mover so it relies on muscular contractions and deep breathing to move it along. It is a naturally slow moving fluid that circulates, for the most part, against gravity, through a vast network of tiny capillaries called lymphatics. These extremely thin walled vessels run throughout the body but are concentrated in subcutaneous tissue, which is greatly affected during surgery. We offer treatments that promote the movement of the lymphatic system and reduce your recovery time.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
We recommend a minimum of three treatments for partial facelifts, eyelifts and blephroplasty.
We recommend a minimum of six treatments for full facelifts, rhinoplasty and neck and chin lifts.

30 minutes  $60
Package of Three  $150
(saves $30)
Package of Six  $300
(saves $60)
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