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Testimonials - The Skin Clinique for serious corrective skin care and treatment

I started seeing Jody for my skin care needs in 2003 when I had Stage 3 acne. Iíve suffered from acne since I was a teenager, and the problem continued into adulthood. My acne was so bad that it hurt to touch my face sometimes, and no amount of make-up could cover my angry red blemishes. My self confidence was shot, and there were times when I couldnít look anyone in the eye because I felt so ugly.

Jody has been a godsend!! I put my trust in her care and her products, and I can now proudly say that Iím acne-free. Iíve actually been out in public without makeup!! It feels so liberating to have makeup be an option instead of a necessity. I can touch my face and it feels so smooth; not like years before when it was riddled with nasty red bumps.

Iím so thankful for Jody. The money and time that was spent on my skin was well worth it, and I donít trust anyone else but Jody for my skin care needs. Not only is she a knowledgeable and trustworthy professional, I also consider her my friend.

If youíre thinking of investing your money and time into getting a beautiful complexion, put your trust in Jody. The journey may be a long one, but it will be well worth it!

Julie Noia
Cotati, CA

I have been seeing Jody for my skin care needs for nearly 10 years now and she has literally transformed my skin! I had adult acne so Jody put me on a skin regimen that did wonders!! Jody was nice enough to work with me before my wedding to get my skin in tip top shape without breaking my bank! She is so knowledgeable when it comes to skin care, she's a pro! If you are looking for someone that truly knows about skincare, Jody is who you want to see!!!!!

Janel P.
Santa Rosa, CA

The Skin Clinique is AMAZING!!! Having problematic skin as a result of Lupus, I have looked high and low sparing no expense to find a skin care specialist that could resolve my issues. Jodi is a blessing. Her extensive knowledge and background is impressive, but more importantly, I GET RESULTS.

I was very impressed when I went through my third pregnancy and Jodi was able to keep my skin healthy and glowing like "normal pregnant women" look who don't battle an autoimmune disease!!! I wish I had met her when I carried my first two!!!

Another plus to this business is the wonderful product she carries right there at the Clinique for purchase. I enjoy being able to have the personal one on one with an aesthetician that knows my background. I don't have to run to the mall and get advice from someone who really only cares about how much commission they're making and not my actual needs. I go to Jodi because I can TRUST her, and let's be real...when dealing with our face, who wants to risk making a mistake???

Stacia C.
Santa Rosa, CA

I have been a client of Jody's for many years and was the ultimate skeptic at the beginning. I came with multiple issues (adult acne, Melasma, etc.) and she was able to address all of them with great success. I would have never thought that my skin is better now in my forties than as a teenager! I have had great results and couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome. I am forever thankful for Jody's expertise, guidance and product recommendations every day as I look in the mirror from where I started.

Linda O.
The Skin Clinique is one of the only places that I trust to take care of my skin and beauty needs. Jody is absolutely amazing, and incredibly passionate in what she does. As any aesthetician should be, Jody is constantly researching and updating her products and practices, and I never have to worry if I am in good hands.

Jody recently took care of my skin leading up to my wedding. My skin was flawless on the day of. I work in an environment, primarily female, and regularly am complimented on my skin. Especially since many of the girls knew how my skin was before seeing Jody. I recommend only my most responsible and trustworthy friends to Jody, because it is a true privilege to be treated by her.

Lastly, my husband is incredibly anxious when it comes to beauty, but Jody worked with him and myself to make his experience comfortable and relaxing. Having only dealt with Jody for my own skin care needs, I was absolutely thrilled to see how her treatments impacted my husband's skin which is completely different than my own.

If you are lucky enough to live near the Skin Clinique, and you have a teenager, spouse, or if you yourself have skin care needs, you could not go to a better professional. Thanks for everything Jody!

Tracy O.
Rohnert Park, CA

I have been going to Jody Harm at The Skin Clinique for years, such a wonderful small business, I consult her and she is always honest and straightforward, explaining in depth each treatment which makes me comfortable.

As a continuous and regular client, Jody does a great job of creating packages to cut prices down as well as taking a proactive approach in attending conferences for skin care professionals around the world. She also does a great job in researching the products she carries which are affordable and accessible through her.

If you are serious about seeking out a skin care professional, look no further, I have converted several friends over to The Skin Clinique and have bought many others gift certificates and products from here (all still use those products).

Amanda N.
Rohnert Park, CA

Jody is absolutely the most knowledgeable skin care professional I have ever dealt with, and having problematic skin, I have dealt with many, many aestheticians. Let the truth be told by others: several people have recently asked me if I've had anything "done." Other than finally getting the correct skincare treatments and using the recommended products, the answer is no! If you are really serious about improving the health and look of your skin, look no further!

Janis S.
Healdsburg, CA

Jody has done wonders for my skin. I was badly scared from a car accident and after several procedures my skin was blotchy, rough and discolored. Now I am dealing with dry patches and adult acne which my monthly visits to Jody keep the issues at bay. Jody has done wonders for me and my self esteem. She has a wonderful balance of clinician and caregiver while providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience at her upscale spa. I have been to many spas over my adult years and she is simply the best.


Jody has helped my teenage sons through their acne years by providing teen acne facials, appropriate products and education on skin care. They listened to her about the importance of sunscreen when I couldn't convince them of the import. They were able to get through these years without having to go on oral medication such as antibiotics or Accutane. They felt very comfortable with Jody.

Carol N.
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